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      Quarantine Policies for Arrivals in Guangzhou during Spring Festival
      Update: 2021-02-02     Source: Guangzhou Foreign Affairs Office

      Accordingto the relevant COVID-19 containment policies of the state, province and city,Guangzhou Health Commission has conducted a review of the requirements fornucleic acid testing and related health management requirements for thosevisiting or returning to Guangzhou recently to provide guidelines for citizens’travel.

      Nucleic acid testing and health management policies for overseas arrivals in Guangzhou

      Inbound passengers should continue to strictly follow the "14 + 7" isolation management,that is, after 14 days’ centralized, isolated medical observation, those whose destination is Guangzhou and are able to do home isolation should stay home for another 7 days, during which they must not go out or participate in gathering activities.

      Those whose destination is Guangzhou but do not have the conditions for health management at homewill stay in the original centralized isolation point for another 7 days. They should take the nucleic acid test on the 21st day upon arrival.

      For those whose destination is outside of Guangzhou,after 14 days’ centralized isolation and observation, if they are able to provide valid air, train or ship ticket information and take personal protection, they may leave Guangzhou.

      Nucleic acid testing and health management policies for domestic travelers arriving in Guangzhou

      First, travelers from the same prefectures of themedium and high-risk areasmustprovide negative nucleic acid results within 7 daysupon arrival in Guangzhou.

      Second,"four ones" health management measureswill be taken for travelers from the same prefectures of themedium and high-risk areasto Guangzhou, i.e., to issue one health notice, to carry out one health inquiry, to check the health code once, and to do one nucleic acid test.

      Among them, those from counties (districts) ofhigh-risk areas or regions subject to whole-area lockdown as announced by local governmentswill undergo14 days’ centralized isolation and health observationat their own expense, and take nucleic acid testing on the 1st, 7th and 14th days of arrival.

      Those from counties(districts) ofmedium-risk areasshouldreport to their respective residents’ committee, village committee, employer (or hotel) within 12 hours after their arrival in Guangzhou, stay home for 14 days’ health monitoring, and take nucleic acid testing on the 1st and 14th days upon arrival. If home isolation is not possible, the travelers will undergo 14 days’ centralized isolation for health observation.

      People fromhigh-risk areas or who have been to high-risk areas in the past 14 days must not travel during the Spring Festival travel season. In principle, people from medium-risk areas or who have been to these areas in the past 14 days should not travel during the Spring Festival travel season either; if truly need to, they must be approved by the local pandemic prevention and control headquarters, and hold negative nucleic acid test results within 3 days.

      Third, during the Spring Festival season (from January 28 to March 8),key traveler groups, including people returning to rural areas (towns and villages) of Guangzhou from across provinces, inbound travelers after quarantine, cross-border truck drivers from Hong Kong to Guangdong, crew members of small ships and fishermen from Hong Kong and Macao (including Mainland fishermen working in Hong Kong and Macao), staff working in isolation places, fever clinic (consulting room) staff, staff with direct contact with imported cold-chain food and imported goods, and crew members of international flights, must report to the local village committee on the day of arrival, and provide negative nucleic acid test results within 7 days as required. They must also undergo 14 days’ home health monitoring during which they must not gather or go out, and should take the nucleic acid test every 7 days.

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