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      FAQ | Dos and don'ts after the inoculation of COVID-19 vaccines
      Update: 2021-04-15     Source: Newsgd.com

      According to the latest data from the National Health Commission of China, over 171 million doses of coronavirus vaccines have been administrated in China as of April 12th. In addition, starting from April 12th, foreigners who are aged 18 to 59, and some aged 60 and above who are in good health condition and need to be vaccinated for special reasons can get vaccinated.

      Are you one of those who have been vaccinated? If so, do you know what should be paid attention to after inoculation? Here are some frequently asked questions.

      (Photo: Zhu Hongbo)

      Q: Can I take a shower after inoculation?

      A:Yes, but you should avoid excessive pressure and stimulation of the inoculation site when bathing, and keep the site clean. The water temperature should not be too high in the shower on the day after vaccination, and don't rub the site in case of bleeding.

      Q: Can I keep my normal diet? What kind of food should be avoided?

      A:Normal activities and diet won't affect the effectiveness of the vaccine, so there is no need to change your previous life habits. However, when symptoms such as fever, weakness, or even nausea and diarrhea occur after vaccination, you should adjust your diet and take a rest appropriately.

      Q: Can I drink alcohol, tea, coffee or eat seafood after inoculation?

      A:These activities won’t affect the effectiveness of the vaccination. However, it is difficult to distinguish between some uncomfortable symptoms that may occur in some people after drinking alcohol, tea or coffee and the general reactions that may occur after vaccination. Some people are more likely to be allergic to seafood, which is also difficult to tell from possible allergic reactions to vaccination. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink alcohol, tea and coffee or to eat seafood after the inoculation of COVID-19 vaccine. As for how long, we advise you to ask the doctor when you receive your vaccine at the hospital.

      Q: Is it still necessary to wear a mask after receiving the vaccination?

      A:Four weeks after completing the vaccination, you should be safe from being infected by the virus. However, so far, no vaccine can ensure a 100% protection, so self-protection such as wearing a mask, washing hands and keeping social distance are still necessary after vaccination.

      (Photo: Zhu Hongbo)

      Q: Can I exercise as usual?

      A: Yes, you still can do some exercises as usual such as rope skipping, running and playing basketball. Nevertheless, if you have chronic disease, please pay attention to the intensity of exercise.

      Q: Can I get the vaccinations of other diseases?

      A:Inoculation of other vaccines is not recommended over 14 days before or after the COVID-19 vaccine. However, when rabies vaccine, tetanus vaccine and immune globulin are required due to injury caused by animal or trauma, the interval of vaccination can be disregarded. What's more, if you get sick on account of other diseases, you can take medicine, get treatment and physical examination.

      Q: Can I prepare for pregnancy or breastfeed my baby?

      A:If you get pregnant after vaccination or get the vaccine without knowing you are pregnant, it is not recommended to take special medical measures (such as termination of pregnancy) because of the vaccination. It is recommended to do a pregnancy check and follow-up checks. For women who plan to have a child, there is no need to delay pregnancy just because of the vaccination.

      (Photo: Zhu Hongbo)

      Q: What should I do when I get a fever after inoculation?

      A:If a fever without other symptoms occurs after vaccination and the body temperature is below 38.5℃, there is no need to take any treatment. What you need to do is to drink more water, take plenty of rest, and pay attention to keeping warm to prevent the appearance of other diseases.

      ◆ In case of high fever, take appropriate antipyretic drugs or use physical cooling.

      ◆ If the fever persists or other symptoms occur, you should be aware that it may be caused by other factors. In this case, you need to be treated promptly by a doctor under medical guideline to avoid the deterioration of illness.

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