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      Guangzhou International is the official website of People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality.

      Sponsored by the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality.

      Undertaken by Guangzhou Municipal Government Affairs Data Administration. 

      All Rights Reserved. 


      All materials marked with "source: English.gz.gov.cn" on this website (including but not limited to text, photographs, audio and video materials) are the copyrighted property of Guangzhou International (the official website of Guangzhou Municipality). Without prior authorization from Guangzhou International, any media, website, organization or individual shall not transmit, interlink, distribute or republish such materials in any form. Any media and website authorized to republish such materials shall mark them with "source: Guangzhou International (English.gz.gov.cn)". Infringement of these copyrights will result in legal action.

      If you find out anything wrong with the information, links and the translation, please offer your comments by selecting the relative content with your mouse and holding "CTRL" and "ENTER" simultaneously. Thank you!
      Copyright ? 2010 The People`s Government of Guangzhou Municipality.All RightsReserved
      Email: gzportal@gz.gov.cn ICP备案号: 粤B2-20040244
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